Thyroid nodules, Cancers and Goiters

  1. Introduction
  2. How to use the guidelines
  3. Evaluating a thyroid nodule
  4. How to manage a thyroid nodule after FNAC and/or Ultrasound
  5. Papillary carcinoma
  6. Follicular neoplasm
  7. Hürthle cell carcinoma
  8. Medullary carcinoma
  9. Anaplastic carcinoma
  10. Large symptomatic goitre
  11. Diagnostic procedures
  12. Surgery
  13. Key Open Access Article: Zafereo M, Yu J, Onakoya PA, et al. African Head and Neck Society Clinical Practice guidelines for thyroid nodules and cancer in developing countries and limited resource settings. Head & Neck. 2020;1–11.

Index: Clinical Practice Guidelines for Head & Neck Cancers